Monday, April 8, 2013

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I think the situations that both Elie Wiesel and Wladyslaw Szpilman were similar in the beginning but quickly change in nature. Wlad and Elie seemed to be very family oriented people. And both Elie and Wlad are devastated when they were separated from their families. However where their circumstances change significantly is the amount of outside help Wlad was able to recieve versus what Elie had to endure. Elie was put into the concentration camps where he could recieve no help from outsiders and non jews. Despite how tough it would be to deal with the situation Wlad was put in Elie had it much tougher. With Elie having his Dad for most the time he was there that probably helped him but his dad eventually became more of a liability. For both people they attempted to keep a low profile and do their best to get through the worst hell imaginable.

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  1. True, they do experience the Holocaust in different ways. Elie is inprisoned, and Wladyc manages to break free and remain in hiding and on the run. It is interesting that you think that Elie has it worst. I am interested to see if your opinion changes the more we view the film.