Friday, April 12, 2013

Blog 3

In the film I think you can more clearly see mans inhumanity towards man because it is acted out right in front of you on the screen. There are multiple shots during the movie seeing people dead rotting in the streets and people living amongst that. You see people being gunned down in the streets shot like rabid dogs. You see Jews enslaved by the Nazis to build things. In the book it is described but its hard to picture what he describes because I grew up in a time where these actions are so unimaginable, and so unheard of I can't bring myself to want to picture what happened. However through the movie there are people who help the people who are in need. They help Wladyslaw survive the Nazis, escape the ghetto, and provide for him as he attempts to get through the holocaust. Without the help of others he never would have survived and that unfortunately was not seen very much in Night. There is a positive that is more easily seen in The Pianist than in Night.

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