Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Night #1

Ms Schacter I believe served as a warning from God just like Moishe the beadle was to the Jews. Similar to Moishe she saw the horror the group was about to go through and warned them and just like Moishe they ignored her. The fire she screamed of happened to be where Jews were burned alive by th hundreds.
Elie had a gold crown in his mouth. Gold being a valuable metal was searched for in peoples mouths. I think the Germans were attempting to strip all the value they could from the jews to help fund their terror.

Friday, March 8, 2013

What Do I Know about the Holocaust

I know that the Holocaust that occurred in Nazi Germany consisted of finding Jews and placing them in concentration camps that were absolute hell. And when the concentration camps were full Jews were killed brutally. Sometimes Jews were killed before even getting to concentration camps.

Trapped, caged, tattered clothes, depressing, barbed wire, bleak.
Keyword: Prisoner

Cramped, Tight spaces, hungry, starved, unhealthy, frail, weak, dirty.
Keyword: Ghastly

Glasses, frames, Abundance.
Keyword: It's a bunch of glasses for god-sake how am I supposed to get a keyword out of that?

Image 4
Death, Fear, Distraught, Uncertainty, Despair, Pain, Lost hope
Keyword: Suffering

Jewish prisoners in the Holocaust were malnourished, ghastly, and suffered the worst kind of hell imaginable on this earth.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Reflection Blog

I have been overall pleased with the effort I have put in this semester. I have been doing my work and getting good enough grades which is nice. I don't think the class blog is helpful for me because I never use it. I follow Ms. Spriggs on twitter. I found the narrative assignment to be rather annoying because of the length requirement. I think in a story the length of it should be determined when quality writing stops. The scholarship assignment was good because it is a practical assignment where we actually get something out of the assignment in the form of possible scholarship money