Monday, December 17, 2012

In Cold Blood FInal

To start I am appreciative of the extension I was given due to the unfortunate cirumstances that happened the weekend before. In Cold Blood was a diffrent book. I am hesitant to say intresting because at times this non-ficiton novel felt like the most boring book I have ever read in my entire life. Truman Capote's writing style seemed entirely too detailed in creating the characters of the book and it was difficult to really get the ball rolling in terms of the first read. "Mr. Clutter cut a man's-man figure. His shouldrs were broad, his hair held it's dark color, his square-jawed, confident face retained a..."(6) I couldn't even finish this quote it's that painful to read. However once Dick and Perry start behaving suspicously the action picked up. I think the main disconnect from the book is I could never relate in any way to the characters. There was a dissconnect I never found a way to over come. I think it stemmed from the animalistic natures of Dick and Perry. Their personality conflicted with my own personality to greatly for me to gain any affinity toward them. I hope in future books I am able to overcome these diffrent obstacles and enjoy books better.

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