Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Final Quarter Reflection Blog

I think this quarter was a great learning experience for me. I started off without a good sense of time and a bad procrastination habit. I improved at that and I noticed when reading the second book I got right on it and stuck with a more diligent schedule in reading it. This gave me more time to put quality work into my project. I think I can still improve on that however. I believe that this is a double edged sword for me because as I improve my reading I put less emphasis on my writing. I need to improve on creating a more balanced attack towards my work and focus more. My goal for next quarter is to use my class time more effectively. I know if I do this my work load will be cut down and I will have more opportunity to do well in this class.

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  1. You are absolutely right! If you use the time you are given in class, your work load outside of class will drastically diminish. It sounds like you have a solid handle on the situation and I look forward to seeing you hit your goal at the end of the second quarter.